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Huttlin Associates - Business Advisors

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We are pleased to announce that Huttlin Associates is now Polestar Business Advisors!

Our new name provides a much better description of our practice, and the services,and support, that we offer to clients through our network of professionals.  Our commitment, direction, and mission remains unchanged - Improve Your Business!

Please visit our new website, http://www.PolestarBusinessAdvisors to find out more about our practice.  


Huttlin Associates helps business owners and CEO's overcome their challenges by delivering practical, customized Solutions, and objective Advice to define a clear Direction and Plan for their future, and improving the Performance of the business.

With over thirty five years of experience, we have the expertise, resources and tools necessary to deliver professional advice and solutions to grow and improve your business.  Our Business Support Programs provide the following value for each client, depending on their specific situation and requirements:

  • A Clear Vision, Strategy, and Direction for the Future

  • Strategic and Operational Plans to Achieve that Vision

  • Objective Business Evaluations to Identify Areas for Growth and Improvement

  • Improved Operating Performance and Profitability               

For more information on how we deliver value to clients, please seeour web site, http://www.PolestarBA.com, or our blog, the Polestar Navigators.

Call us today at (727) 637-4666, or e-mail us at Advisors@PolestarBA.com to schedule your  confidential, no obligation, consultation.


Our mission is simple - Improve your business.